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Eric Folks





Nannies                                                                  Dale                                    Dir. Dolan Bloom                        

Sublets                                                                    Danny                                 Dir. Tricia Brouk                          Plaid Couch/Badmouth Films

NYC Theater

Retreat                                                                       Nate                                  Dir. Molly Clifford                       Ensemble Studio Theatre

Agnes                                                                         Ronan                               Dir. Jenna Worsham                   Rattlestick

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom                Steve                                 Dir. Joel Schumacher                 the Flea Theater


The Killer                                                                   Ensemble                          Dir. Darko Tresnjak                    Theater For A New Audience


columbinus                                                               Loner/Dylan                     DIr. PJ Paparelli                          American Theater Compan


JOB                                                                              Dionysus                          Dir. Benjamin Kamine              the Flea Theater


The Starter                                                                 Stephen                            Dir. Katie Falter                         FringeNYC


We Are Animals                                                          Chad                                 Dir. Nic Leavens                        the Brick


Private Room No. 6                                                   General                             Dir. Daniela Hart                       the Flea Theater


The Wundelsteipen                                                   Various                              Dir. Tom Costello                      the Flea Theater


A Man of No Importance                                         Father Kenny/Carson      Dir. Hans Friederich                 Gallery Players


The Flying Latke                                                        Izzy                                     Dir. Benjamin Kamine              the Flea Theater


Just Cause                                                                  Narrator                            Dir. Zack Russel                         the Flea Theater


Thomas Bradshaw: Lecture on the Blues             Man                                   Dir. Jim Simpson                       The Whitney Museum


serials@theflea                                                         Various Roles                                                                         the Flea Theater


 Regional Theatre

Kiss Me Kate                                                           Harrison Howell               Dir. Keith Coughlin                    New London Barn Playhouse, NH


MIDLIFE! The Crisis Musical                                  Man 1                                 Dir. David Caldwell                   The Little Theater on the Square, IL


Mrs. Mannerly                                                        Jeffrey                                 Dir. David Caldwell                   Dixie Theater, FL


Almost Maine                                                         Man 1                                 Dir. David Caldwell                   Dixie Theater, FL


Don’t Dress For Dinner                                         George                               Dir. Christopher Allleman        Lake Dillon Theater Company, CO


columbinus                                                             Loner/Dylan                       Dir. PJ Paparelli                         Arts Emerson, Boston


Singin’ In the Rain                                                  R.F. Simpson                      Dir. Robbie Sella                       New London Barn Playhouse, NH 


Almost Maine                                                         Man 2                                  Dir. Lily King                              New London Barn Playhouse, NH


The Man Who Came to Dinner                            John                                    Dir. Jaime Horton                      New London Barn Playhouse, NH


The Unexpected Guest                                         Jan Warwick                       Dir. Peter Hackett                      New London Barn Playhouse, NH


Fiddler On the Roof                                              Fyedka                                 Dir. Kathryn Markey                  New London Barn Playhouse, NH  



Otterbein College: BFA Acting

Acting for the Camera with Andrew Stewart Jones



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